Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Current Project

For my current project I cut 420 1 1/2" fabric squares. They looked much bigger in my head than they did when I cut them. I also cut out an additional 348 pieces. Why, because I am nuts. You'll have to wait until Christmas 2012 to see the project, as it is part of a present that I am working on for then. I had to start early, so that I would be sure and finish it in time. I also have a quilt top done for a friend that lives over the pond. I wonder who that could be. Hmmm.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our New Decor & Hair Accessory

Maggie Mae is such the designer dog that we don't even know what all of her parts are. P.S. We reserve the right to change her name.

Apparently, my head is comfortable.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, Pa and I went out to visit Loo and Family in NC for little Loo 2's Baby Blessing. We took out the gorgeous blessing dress that Ma made. While we were there, we headed down to Charlotte, SC (New State, wahoo!) and drove through downtown with the pretty wrap around porches. We also went to Ft. Sumter to brush up on our Civil War history. Pa, a.k.a. Gramps was kind enough to take Little Loo #1 for lawn mower rides, which he loved. I also learned that LL #1 likes pickles and biting and going outside. LL #2 likes eating and eating and eating. All in all a good trip. I'd post more pics, but most are on Pa's I-pad.

I'm also posting pics of the blessing dresses Ma made (Coo & wife YooCoo had their little Coo #3 a mere three hours before Loo's & hubby's addition arrived). for Little Coo #3 and Little Loo #2, as well as pics of both in the blessing gowns. Ma did pintucking and all sorts of other sewy things on the dresses. I wasn't able to attend Little Coo #3's blessing, but I stole a pic from my cousin Eliza B.'s blog, unless she makes me take it down for stealing it :)

The Dresses:

Little Coo #3's Dress

Little Loo #2's Dress

And Little Coo #3 in her Dress with her mom.

And Little Loo #2 in her dress. Please ignore her severe red-eye. I'm on the wrong computer to fix it.

A group photo from LL2's blessing

So, there you have it.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Corn, a few quilts, and vacation

Corn Season has begun here on the farm!

And here are a few quilts Ma and I have finished:
Sewn & quilted by me and bound by Ma.

Sewn & Bound by Ma, quilted by me.
All by me!
This was supposed to be a baby quilt, but ended up a little big.

And some pics from my vacation to visit Da in Montana. We also went to North Dakota and Saskatchewan. Please read her blog for details on the trip.

Pitchfork Steak Fondue at Medora, ND.

Me and Da as Mounties at the RCMP Museum in Regina, SK, Canada

Traveling the gravel roads of Canada

One of the fabulous murals in Moosejaw, SK, Canada

Da in front of the Moose of Moosejaw

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More of the Creating Streak.

Look! Two New Posts in One Day

Warning: This Blog Post contains photos of projects that have been made for nieces & nephews. All of these items are currently en route. If you want to be surprised by them, don't read any further until after you see them in person :)

So, with two new nieces, I had to get busy on my projects. Mom and I decided to split the work and each do one blanket. I don't think we would have worked together well. Both quilts turned out very cute, I think. I only have a pic of one of them. The other is still getting it's binding put on.
Fabulous Job, Mom!

I've recently been inspired to take a foray into the world of applique, so that meant I was going to make applique T-Shirts for the nephews. I started with balls, as seen below; however, I accidentally cut a little hole in one of them.

Loo, you'll need to put a sticker over that for L. They didn't turn out half-bad, so I decided to expand my repertoire into a train for J and a fire engine for L. What do you think?

I also decided to make ruffle-butt onesies, as demonstrated here. What, you ask, are ruffle-butt onesies? They are onesies with ruffles on the butt of course! At what other age can you wear ruffles on your butt and actually look cute. The left over ribbons from the onesies inspired me to make matching flower headbands.

In addition, I'd decided to make NooCoo a dress, but then I messed it up, I unpicked the mess up and then I lost it--It was not very big, o.k. I'm sure I'll find it someday. Thus, I had to make her a new dress, which also featured organza ribbon flowers. I was quite proud of it in the end. I'm afraid it will drown NooCoo because even though the T-Shirt top is her size, it seems to be quite wide. Also, the skirt may be a bit short, but I put a big hem in it and Gran can let that down if she needs to when she visits :)

So, now you know all of the many sewing projects that I've been working on. I've also made another baby quilt, as has Mom.

I'm headed off to the great state of Montana to visit sister Da. We will also be visiting other places that are yet to be determined. If you are lucky, someday I'll blog about the trip, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

What have all of you been up to for the summer?

By the Numbers

2--Nieces I got with 3 hours and 5 minutes of each other
127-- Water Sheets I entered
105--Minutes it took me to enter above Water Sheets
4--Approximate times my Mom called me at work today
13--Number of other phone calls at work today
1--packages sent to the G-House crew in Oregon
1.5--Days until I leave to see Da in Montana
40--approximate number of ants I have killed on my desk with my Pointer Finger!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Water Water

Pa at the Central Utah Water Spillway
Me and Uncle D with the DMAD spillway in the background
Uncle D, Aunt C and Ma at the DMAD spillway
The DMAD Spillway.

So, things have been pretty wet here lately. I notice these things because I work at an irrigation office, just in case you were wondering. The river commissioner has been sending water down from the upper reservoir because of increased run off, so we have a bunch of water going over our spillways. I go and check on the DMAD spillway a couple times a week. Last weekend, I went with Ma, Uncle D and Aunt C to the spillway. On Friday, Pa and I went driving around to look at river levels around the area and today we went up to the Central Utah Water spillway by the cement plant. It's pretty fun to look at, since we rarely see this much water.

All of this water and the river reminds me of the time that the Young Women in our ward were going tubing down the river when I was thirteen. My grandma called one of the girls that lived by the river to tell her to save my life if necessary. It mortified me. Here's the thing. We were scraping bottom because there was so little water in the river. In fact, we had to stand up and walk part of the way because there wasn't enough water to even move us downstream:). Anyway, above are a few pics of all the water for your enjoyment.

I've also been busy making more quilts. I just finished the top for Coo and YooCoo's upcoming addition. I'll eventually post pictures, maybe, perhaps, possibly. Oooh, oooh. I remember, I bought a new sewing machine. I now feel poor, but so far I like the machine. It has a feature where it will sew without the pedal.--You just hit a button and it starts sewing, and then when you want to stop, you push the button again. This results in me saying "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" a lot, so I think it would be wise for me to use the pedal for now. You may see my machine here. I'm also pretty sure that the machine is smarter than I am.

In vacation news, I'm planning a visit up to Da's next month and Loo and family in Sept-Oct. to meet their newest baby.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My illness

As we all know, I have a crafting illness. It is hereditary and comes from my mother, though I'm not sure from whom she inherited it. As we all know, I've been making quilts, though I still have 3 unfinished "block of the month" quilts. I've decided that I'm allowed to look at a new sewing machine when I have completed 10 quilt tops. I am currently at 8. I may include photos of my latest two quilts, as well as the four jelly roll skirts I recently made. To pass the February doldrums, Ma and I have signed up for a flower arranging class taught by the local high school agriculture sterling scholar. I wish they had flower arranging when I was in high school! Anyway, I'm posting photos of what we've made. The wreath was made 2 days ago, and thus is sad looking. The flower arrangement with the white & red ribbon hanging down is mine and the other is Ma's. I hope that you all are surviving the winter.