Thursday, September 15, 2011

So, Pa and I went out to visit Loo and Family in NC for little Loo 2's Baby Blessing. We took out the gorgeous blessing dress that Ma made. While we were there, we headed down to Charlotte, SC (New State, wahoo!) and drove through downtown with the pretty wrap around porches. We also went to Ft. Sumter to brush up on our Civil War history. Pa, a.k.a. Gramps was kind enough to take Little Loo #1 for lawn mower rides, which he loved. I also learned that LL #1 likes pickles and biting and going outside. LL #2 likes eating and eating and eating. All in all a good trip. I'd post more pics, but most are on Pa's I-pad.

I'm also posting pics of the blessing dresses Ma made (Coo & wife YooCoo had their little Coo #3 a mere three hours before Loo's & hubby's addition arrived). for Little Coo #3 and Little Loo #2, as well as pics of both in the blessing gowns. Ma did pintucking and all sorts of other sewy things on the dresses. I wasn't able to attend Little Coo #3's blessing, but I stole a pic from my cousin Eliza B.'s blog, unless she makes me take it down for stealing it :)

The Dresses:

Little Coo #3's Dress

Little Loo #2's Dress

And Little Coo #3 in her Dress with her mom.

And Little Loo #2 in her dress. Please ignore her severe red-eye. I'm on the wrong computer to fix it.

A group photo from LL2's blessing

So, there you have it.


Beee said...

you are more than welcome to pics of your family. I would burn a cd and send off, but alas, my laptop is incomunocado right now. . . stupid ac adaptor cords (grrrrrr. . . ). Love the update, love the dresses and Love my all my family.

Maithé said...

I'm LDS from France and found your blog. So happy to see baby blessing. You are a great family