Sunday, June 5, 2011

Water Water

Pa at the Central Utah Water Spillway
Me and Uncle D with the DMAD spillway in the background
Uncle D, Aunt C and Ma at the DMAD spillway
The DMAD Spillway.

So, things have been pretty wet here lately. I notice these things because I work at an irrigation office, just in case you were wondering. The river commissioner has been sending water down from the upper reservoir because of increased run off, so we have a bunch of water going over our spillways. I go and check on the DMAD spillway a couple times a week. Last weekend, I went with Ma, Uncle D and Aunt C to the spillway. On Friday, Pa and I went driving around to look at river levels around the area and today we went up to the Central Utah Water spillway by the cement plant. It's pretty fun to look at, since we rarely see this much water.

All of this water and the river reminds me of the time that the Young Women in our ward were going tubing down the river when I was thirteen. My grandma called one of the girls that lived by the river to tell her to save my life if necessary. It mortified me. Here's the thing. We were scraping bottom because there was so little water in the river. In fact, we had to stand up and walk part of the way because there wasn't enough water to even move us downstream:). Anyway, above are a few pics of all the water for your enjoyment.

I've also been busy making more quilts. I just finished the top for Coo and YooCoo's upcoming addition. I'll eventually post pictures, maybe, perhaps, possibly. Oooh, oooh. I remember, I bought a new sewing machine. I now feel poor, but so far I like the machine. It has a feature where it will sew without the pedal.--You just hit a button and it starts sewing, and then when you want to stop, you push the button again. This results in me saying "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" a lot, so I think it would be wise for me to use the pedal for now. You may see my machine here. I'm also pretty sure that the machine is smarter than I am.

In vacation news, I'm planning a visit up to Da's next month and Loo and family in Sept-Oct. to meet their newest baby.


MBC said...

Yay for a new blog post!

Stephanie T said...

That water makes me so jealous! We are totally in a drought in TX. Have fun on your vacations!

If you need ideas for quilts, I could totally use one for an extremely austistic girl in my Primary. She is very tactile and touching different things soothes her. Just an idea if you have lots of scraps to use up:-)

Manda said...

There was a specific comment I was going to make, but I forgot it. Oh yes, when you come, we should take pictures. Now, I'm not much of a picture taker, so you're probably in charge of that (I can take some pictures with you in, though) :). I like the pictures on this post by the way.

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