Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visit of the Coos

So, Coo's family came down to visit this last weekend and we had a lot of fun. I e-mailed some photos to some of you. FarmerBoy had special powers getting NooCoo to eat. We didn't do anything exciting while they were here, but we had fun visiting with them. Above, are some photos that NooCoo and I took using the webcam. We would take one pic and I would show it to her and she would say "AGAIN!" So, we took several shots in the style of photo booth pictures. Hope you enjoy them. I'd post others, but they are on my memory card in my camera next door, so these will have to do. Baby JooCoo is very fond of his food and would eat 24 hours a day if given the chance, but still maintains his long, lean figure through exercise routines of wiggling, and crawling. JooCoo also said his first word while down visiting us. The word was "daddy" which I think pleased his mom YooCoo as NooCoo also said her first word while at our house last year. Her first word "doggie".

The whole Coo family came trick-or-treating at our houses and I have posted a photo of this below.