Friday, October 26, 2007

Pumpkin Walk + 1

Walking Pumpkins

I apologize for the blog in advance. I'm in a blah mood right now, so you'll get a blah blog. It's been awhile since I've posted. Friday night I went to the pumpkin walk in North Logan. It was pretty fun--one of those small town things that is slightly lame, but that is what makes it great. Yes, I realize that is contradictory. Anyway, I went with friends so we had a good time. I took pictures, but don't know if I'll get them posted.

Also, on Saturday Loo got the letter giving her fiancee' clearance for temple marriage. She is getting married two weeks from today, so I've been doing a few wedding things for her this week--ordered table runners and labeled envelopes. Hopefully, the invitations will get sent out before the wedding! I also brought some of my junk down from Loo's house.

Tomorrow I'll help clean her house and get some more of my stuff out of. Work has been pretty slow lately, as we are in the off-season.

In other news, I found a dead bird on my doorstep this morning. I think the birds are all plotting against me to die all around me. That's all for now, have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Country Critters--Installment 1

First off--Happy Birthday Da!
The cookie picture is for your birthday.

I told you that I'd post a picture of a silage bag, so here it is.
Photo #2 Silage Bags (corn post-chopping)
Photo #3 Corn (pre-chopping) with the Harvest Moon

Country Critter Incident #1

The flies have been annoying me all day to the point of insanity. Yes, I was raving like a lunatic at the flies. Anyway walking by would surely think that I was insane. I finally pulled out the fly swatter early in the day to kill a wasp--I try to keep a safe distance from the wasps, as we are not kindred spirits. I then proceeded to swat two more flies--one on the desk and another on a self-inking, rubber stamp, which takes a special talent. The flies kept landing on the computer screen, which is very, very annoying. I didn't want to swat the flies on the screen, for fear of causing irreparable damage to the screen, but it was just too much. I had to swat and bam! I'm 4 for 4. I think these mad fly-swatting skills come from the days when my mum paid us a penny for every two flies we swatted. Back to the present. I saw a smudge on the screen. Is it a crack? Did I cause indeed ruin the expensive screen before me?! Alas, it was only fly guts. One swipe with the fingernail and the bug guts are gone (Using the fingernail was the gross part of the process). There is still one pesky fly buzzing around the office, though. I will get him. Just watch out Mr. or Ms. Fly.

Country critter incident #2
Last week as I was walking the 7 feet from the office door to my car, I noticed that there were two birds (dead, of course) stuck in the grill of my car. I obviously hit them at some point. I solved the problem before me in my head--make my Pop or FarmerBoy remove them for me. Excellent solution, if I do say so myself. I proceeded to go get my lunch; however, I could not stop thinking of the birds in the grill and what people would think of me if I left them there. If I continued to drive around town, would I become known as the girl with the birds stuck in her car that leaves them there as if they are hood ornaments. I couldn't let this happen to me. I placed my lunch on my desk and proceeded to get grocery sacks from the back room. I knew there was a reason to save grocery sacks. Anyway, I digress. I flipped the bag inside out to grab the birds ( a technique taught to me by my mother as a method of rodent removal) and pulled one of the birds out quickly flipping the bag over, so that I didn't have to look at the poor dead bird whose life was abruptly ended as it flew over the highway. I threw this bird/sack in the dumpster and proceeded with the next bird. However, this bird was wedged in there tightly. Wow! I really must have hit that one at high speed. I didn't know if I would be able to remove it without some of its body parts becoming detached. Oooh, gross! I popped my hood to get better access. I pushed from both sides and finally removed the sad bird from my car, which I did without any gagging on my part.

I called Loo to tell her of my great conquests, as Pop and FarmerBoy would just make fun of me for being a woose. She was properly amazed by my great feat or at least she pretended to be.

P.S. The photos would be in a slide show, but I'm not that advanced, yet.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Joys of Silage--as promised

I love fall on the farm. I love fall anyway, but I love as the fields begin to turn brown. One thing that fall on the farm means is it is time to chop corn for silage. For all of you that don't know what silage is, it is chopped corn that sits rotting in a pile waiting to bed fed to hungry cows. Cows love silage. I know this because they sometimes break into the silage area to eat it. In this day and age, silage is blown into long white bags. I'll try to post a picture later.

Back in the day, the chopped corn was put into a very large pile between the haystacks (to keep it contained). The top of the pile was even with the top of the haystack. Before I go on, I must state that when I was little, I had a very bad case of "older-brother" worship. FarmerBoy was the older brother that I worshiped. I would do anything that he wanted me to do. We had to make up our own fun in the summers and one fateful day FarmerBoy suggested that we go jump in the silage. I agreed. Why? Because FarmerBoy suggested it and I'd never done it before.

It was glorious. We would climb up the haystack and climb over to the silage pit. We would then jump off, pretending that we were the great gymnasts of the world (at least I did). We would jump, we would flip, we would do anything that we could get our bodies to do. There was a spongy goodness about the rotting corn. It was just as I imagined the big styrofoam pits that the gymnasts use to be. And it was free! And I could walk there! Well, FarmerBoy and I finished our exploits, and returned to the house. Mum, nice person that she was told us that we stunk. I disagreed. FarmerBoy definitely stunk, but I did NOT! All the smell must be coming from him. Mum made us both bathe, so that Farmer Boy wouldn't smell anymore. I just did it because I believe in good hygiene.

This is a tradition that continued for several years. I even remember playing with the neighbors and jumping in their silage pit. Later in life, the silage jumping adventures had to be curtailed as I developed itchy rashes from the decomposing goo.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pink Pajamas

The other day, I needed to go to the post office, but didn't want to get dressed before going, as that would require showering and getting presentable. No problem, I just went in my pajamas. I know it seems ironic that I went from worrying about being presentable to going in the P.J.'s, but some things in life just don't make sense (like the way my brain works).Don't worry. I don't wear seductive little nightgowns, like some unknown sister of mine who goes by the name of Loo. That particular morning I was wearing what I refer to as my "clown pajamas". These are basically a bright pink jogging suit, with pants that are too big and thus make me look even fatter than I am. I did brush my hair and put some gum in my mouth before going to get the mail--even I have standards!

I arrived at the post office and of course there were people there this time. (the town only has 130 people. Often there is no one but the post mistress at the post office.)No worries, they didn't look at me funny--they are probably used to me being in my pajamas at the post office. I recently made a comment to someone in a neighboring town about going to the post office in my pajamas and she replied, "Everyone does that". Apparently it is socially acceptable in small towns to go to the post office in pajamas. I have to admit that getting the mail is frequently the highlight of my family's day. Yes, we have boring lives, but at least we are easily entertained. You know, there are definitely advantages to this small town thing and going to the P.O. in your P.J.'s is one of them.

Next time: The joys of silage.

Friday, October 5, 2007

A lonesome pole cat

I awoke this morning to the putrid smell of skunk. I mean what makes you more excited for your day to begin than the fresh aroma of the country pole cat. I must admit, the title of this blog is a bit misleading, as it was not a lonesome pole cat, but at least two of them. My brother, FarmerBoy, stated that perhaps it was mating season. The internet informed me that this was untrue as mating season is between March and June. Pepe Lepue was not wooing his love, but rather just "freshening" up my house--and my Mum and Pop's. FarmerBoy called me before I left the house to let me know of the wandering feline and to warn me to watch closely where I walked, as these striped stenchors had been on the porch, in the lane, and anywhere else they could think of. Skunk lookout is not a job that I want to be able to list on my resume, but one can always acquire new and useful skills.

As I returned from work, I was in my mode of non-thinking and walked onto my parents' porch to be assaulted by the smell. No, it was not gone and the rain just brings out the fresh skunk fragrance enough to make me wonder if I have absorbed the skunk's perfume as my own. Ah, the smells of the country--never dull.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Call Me a Lemming

Yes, I am doing what everyone else is doing and starting a blog. What can I say? I live in the middle of nowhere and my life involves a lot of t.v. and a lot of eating. I thought maybe I could bring you into my sad and boring life. Have a great day.