Thursday, February 10, 2011

My illness

As we all know, I have a crafting illness. It is hereditary and comes from my mother, though I'm not sure from whom she inherited it. As we all know, I've been making quilts, though I still have 3 unfinished "block of the month" quilts. I've decided that I'm allowed to look at a new sewing machine when I have completed 10 quilt tops. I am currently at 8. I may include photos of my latest two quilts, as well as the four jelly roll skirts I recently made. To pass the February doldrums, Ma and I have signed up for a flower arranging class taught by the local high school agriculture sterling scholar. I wish they had flower arranging when I was in high school! Anyway, I'm posting photos of what we've made. The wreath was made 2 days ago, and thus is sad looking. The flower arrangement with the white & red ribbon hanging down is mine and the other is Ma's. I hope that you all are surviving the winter.


Marissa said...

sounds like fun! i'm going through some crafting withdrawals that need to be addressed soon.

Beee said...

lovely quilt tops. i do not have the patience to piece, because I would have to cut out the pieces. I have a difficult enough time quilting stuff and doing pekos. The next quilt for sister's gbaby #5 is machine quilt. I recognize the dot fabric on the jellyroll quilt. cute.

Wells and Holly said...

I took a community flower arranging class a few years ago, too. I loved it (although I don't have much talent for it). It looks like you do, though!