Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Quilts 2013

Here are some of the quilts that Ma and I made in 2013.  I started making quilts for all of the new babies in the ward.  I started this when there were like 2 babies a year.  We have one every month of September 2013 through June or July of 2014, so Ma has started to help.  Anyway, here are pictures of the ones that I can find.  I made the ones, except the ones that it says Ma made.
I made two very similar to this one, same colors, etc.--One for Alice, and one for Baby Boy Pruitt.

Ma's fancy quilting of a frog.

For baby boy Proctor.  I also made a girl version of this that went to baby girl Dutson.

Ma's "Tanzanite Delight" that she started at the Panguitch quilt walk.

Coo & YooCoo's Christmas quilt, made by me

Quilt I made for Ma, "Arizona Trails"

The back of the table runner Ma made.

The front of the table runner Ma made.

Quilt Ma made for Baby Girl Pruitt

Roo's Wedding Quilt, made by me, quilted by Ma.

Pa's Christmas quilt.  It only took me 3 or 4 years to finish.  Have I mentioned that I hate block of the month quilts?
Anyway, there you have it.  A summary of some of the quilts we made in 2013.  Have a great year!

Year's catchup--2013

So, per Loo's and Roo's request, I have decided to catchup on my blog.  I will separate it into two posts.  2013 happenings and Quilts.

This blog is what happened in 2013. 

Roo got married!  Wahoo!  Here is a photo.  Ma made her dress!

And here are the kiddy poos:

And E looking shocked that the bouquet is broken after she systematically snapped off each rose.

And the whole family.  Thanks to Eliza B. for the photos.
So, that was very exciting.  We had everybody around for a few days of craziness & fun!  Fun fact, Roo's husband has the same name as Loo's husband, who has the same name as Pa.

While here all the nieces & nephews got rides on the 4 wheeler with Gramps, aka Pa.

They also did things with Gran, but the photos aren't as fun.

And here is a photo of newlyweds, with an awesome lamp that FarmerBoy made them.

After Roo's wedding in August things settle back down, kind of.  We got two new puppies just before the wedding.  They are mutts (Previous dog, Maggie, sadly met her death by car in February.)  We were all very sad.  Anyway, the two new puppies are sisters, May & June.  Pa and I each have an undivided 1/2 interest in each dog.  Though he chooses the one who causes the least problems for his dog (this changes based on the day).  O.k.  here are the photos taken today:
June on the left front and May behind

And here is a photo of Zephyr on New Year's eve sharing my new blanket that Ma made me.
Our cat Tabby also died this year.  She was 20 years old.  In cat years that is really old.

In October I went to visit my sister Da in Montana for her birthday.  On her birthday, we ventured into South Dakota and went to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Sturgis.

Me and Da at Mt. Rushmore

Me at Crazy Horse
Da at Crazy Horse

We had a lot of fun being together.  Also in October, Ma, Pa, Uncle D and Aunt C went to visit Aunt C in Texas.  I thought that some of the relatives would enjoy seeing a photo.  For some reason, Uncle D is out of focus in all of the pictures.
L to R:  Ma, Pa, Aunt V, Uncle D, Aunt C

That pretty much finishes out the year for me.  I'm just getting into my busy time at work again, but will be vacationing with all of the Single Greathouses next month.