Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Current Project

For my current project I cut 420 1 1/2" fabric squares. They looked much bigger in my head than they did when I cut them. I also cut out an additional 348 pieces. Why, because I am nuts. You'll have to wait until Christmas 2012 to see the project, as it is part of a present that I am working on for then. I had to start early, so that I would be sure and finish it in time. I also have a quilt top done for a friend that lives over the pond. I wonder who that could be. Hmmm.


MBC said...

I won't tell the baby he's getting a present, just in case you have lots of friends on this side of the ocean.

Moo said...

Alas, I only have one friend on that side of the ocean that is expecting a bambino.

MBC said...