Saturday, April 26, 2008


Life in the middle of nowhere lacks excitement, so I thought I'd let you in on my excitement for the day. Yes, I went to Delta to get a spark plug and a pocket knife. No, they weren't for me. While in Delta, there was a CERT (Certified Emergency Response Team) mock disaster going on, so there were fake injured people around town. We rode around trying to find my mom so that we could take a picture of her in her bright green vest. Maybe you can inherit it when mom dies, Da. Even though we're not supposed to give her stuff away and she's not going to die. Anyway, we were unsuccessful, so our exciting trip ended on a low note. I then came home, had some lunch and took a nap. Monday, I'm going with Mom and Dad to take Roo back and to drop off some microfiche to be scanned for work. Maybe I'll test-drive a Prius and maybe I won't. You'll just have to wait and see. No, I still have no car. Well, I hope your day was more exciting than mine.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, last weekend I decided to do a puzzle. May of you may not find this unusual; however, as a general rule, I prefer to watch other people do puzzles. Watching people lets you see the work progress without experiencing the frustration firsthand. I've been know to do the occasional 100-200 piece kids puzzles, and I even did a 300 piece puzzle over Christmas with my sister Da's help. Why did I decide to do a puzzle, you ask. Because it was a sphere. What could be more exciting than a spherical puzzle? So, I took it out of the box and began to do it. This particular puzzle has numbers on the back of it, but I was going to try it without the numbers, as that would have been cheating. I connected several of the the fish and then I became frustrated. After an hour of frustration, I began to use the numbers, so that I would actually finish the puzzle. It took quite awhile to even figure out how to use the numbers and even with the numbers, the puzzle was hard enough, as pieces seemed to fit in places where they did not go. I actually finished this puzzle and have posted the pictures with this blog. Not only did I finish the puzzle, I had an enjoyable time working on this puzzle and bought two more to entertain me for another few weekends. I'm off to work on another one

Friday, April 4, 2008

Enchanted, my Eye

For those of you who liked the movie Enchanted, you may want to stop reading now.

Earlier today, Roo suggested that I stop at the RedBox for a movie and I was happy to oblige as things are often slow here in the middle of nowhere. There were several movies that I'd heard were good, including Enchanted. So the family sat down to watch it and I was annoyed from minute one. I wanted to take out my sling shot and shoot Giselle between the eyes. They took the most annoying part of Snow White--the voice and continued on with it in this movie. You can't call me unromantic because this movie was stupid, and thus does not qualify as a romance. Don't think I'm misled that chick flicks are stellar movies that should be seen by all. A good chick flick gets a solid two stars. This movie got a negative.7529. Next gripe, there was someone in the movie that could actually sing, but did we hear her sing. No Siree, Bob. That would have been much too pleasant. Let Idina Menzel sing for goodness sakes. Not only does she have a Tony for being Elpheba in Wicked, but she's married to Taye Diggs (which I realize has nothing to do with her singing ability, but let's face it--he's hot!)

If there are any of you perky, cheery, optimistic, and annoyingly everything girls out there reading my blog, I wouldn't talk to me right now because I might shoot you between the eyes with a sling shot, or maybe I'd shoot me with the sling shot to put me out of the misery I'd be in by being with you, the aforementioned perky person.