Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rain & Craftiness.

Well, I've decided to post once again. I like to wait long enough that you're not expecting me to ever post again! Life has continued on at the same humdrum pace as always. I get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and repeat. We've had some very nice storms here this week, which created the Greathouse Lakes in our driveway, though they've disappeared now. I'll post a picture, anyway.

Hey, I live in a desert. That's as close to a lake as we get. We also moved cattle yesterday. Things went pretty smoothly. Only one cow and her calf didn't know where to go. I've been continuing on with my crafty streak, as has Roo. Mine is mostly quilts, though I did learn how to sew receiving blankets this last week and I have a special project for S.Q. planned. Yes, you should be worried. On the boring side, below are pics of my latest quilt blocks for sewing buddy, Lauren to see. I also found pictures of a quilt I finished last year. I'm including it as well, since this is as close to a journal as I get. One of these years I'll have to print out all of my posts and put them in a safe place never to be found again. Here comes on the quilting stuff. Please don't look too closely. Perfectionism is not a trait that I suffer from.

In other excitement, we had a ward activity on Wednesday on Emergency Preparedness. I was in charge of the kids activities. First, the firemen taught them about fire safety, showed them the truck and gave them hats. Then, with Roo's forced help, we talked about games you can play in an emergency and learned how to rip snowflakes out of paper. (One of FarmerBoy's church activities). (Roo pointed out that anything you can play in church, you can play in an emergency). Then we put together 72-minute kits. (Roo pointed out 72-minutes is about the length of Sacrament meeting). Either she thinks sacrament meeting is an emergency, or she likes to corrupt kids or both. We then played "Statue" in the dark with the glow bracelets. I was pretty pleased with the activity. No one seemed too bored and were excited for their "Free" stuff!

BTW, here is the quilt I finished last year:

Not the best photo, but you get the idea.

Ma is back in NC helping with the Velociraptor, since Loo had a bit of surgery and wasn't supposed to hold him. Not that she ever updates her blog or even puts up pictures. I would think having a baby would warrant a new blog post, hint, hint. Not that he's "new" anymore. Roo leaves for Portland tomorrow, where she picks up Coo's car and drives to Idaho. Ma gets back late Tuesday night. a drives out with Eliza B., leaving this Friday, stopping at Loo's on the way and getting in a whole bunch of states I don't have. Rude! Then S.Q. leaves before Memorial Day for his internship with the Evil Empire in Seattle. Everyone is on the move. O.k. not me, but much of the rest of the family.

Well, there's what's happening back at the ranch. Hope everything is going well for all of you. Sionara!