Friday, November 16, 2012

A Few Things

I'm back.  I was just thinking recently that my pants are only allowed to have two closures of any kind.  I find that after I have used the ladies room, I only do up two fasteners, even if there are more.  This frequently results in me leaving my fly open.  I do up the two buttons, or the button & hook and eye, but somehow forget the zipper.  I'm fine if there is only one button with a zipper.  You would think I was three, but no, I'm just incapable.  Lucky for me, I mostly sit behind a desk, so no one really sees that I'm a moron.  I do eventually notice, and do up the zipper.

I've been very busy making up craft projects for myself.  I still have to finish Loo's Christmas present.  I made two table runners and a reversible child's apron for our Enrichment night auction.  No pictures are available of the runners.

Mom has completed many quilts this year, as we were overwhelmed with babies in the ward and I couldn't keep up with the demand.  She seems to have it under control.  Maybe this weekend, I'll post pictures, but probably not because that's how I am.

I've decided to do all of my shopping on HSN & QVC.  Black Friday shopping will be much more pleasant from a recliner at home.  Everyone get ready for faux fur throws.  They seem to be all the rage in generic gifts this year. Don't worry, I don't really many people to buy for, so I won't waste all of my money.  So far, I have resisted make-up, computers, & clothes.  I don't know how strong I can be with all of those things that I don't really need, but think I do.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, as usual.  It is my favorite meal and leftovers of the year.  Hope you all have a fabulous holiday!


Beee said...

Thank you for a lovely and amusing post. I am hoping to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving, as the largest congregation of your sibings should be up this way. Miss the rest of the family, but eh, you know.
I am also leaving a comment so that you know I was here. I guess I could check my stalker feed to see if anyone reads mine, but for now, I am just going off the fact that there is no comments to my witty pics, so I won't bother with anymore blog entries until there is A comment on it. Petty I know, but that is just me.

Loo said...

Thanks for the update. Hopefully at some point you will get pictures up, but I can't say much on that account since I rarely get pictures up.