Friday, June 8, 2012

The Latest Quilts & Dog Photos

You are thinking to yourself "Wow! What inspired two posts in one day?" The answer. My main computer at work died, so I am sitting around waiting for it to be fixed and decided to update my blog a bit.

First off, a couple of comparison photos for your viewing pleasure.

Maggie on my shoulder in September:
Maggie sitting on my shoulder in April.

So, I have been busy with quilts this year. In the middle of last year, I decided that I would make a quilt for all the new babies in the ward. Mind you, I decided this when we averaged two births a year in the ward. All of the sudden, there has been a large baby boom and I have made 4 quilts for babies in the ward, with at least 2 more to do. Aaah. Here are pictures of the four I finished:

For Kelsey & Chad's new baby:

For Katie & Andrew's new baby:

This one is for Schmicki & Pason's new baby, but I did one almost like it for Amanda & Aaron's new baby. I've recently decided that I should make all baby blankets in twos, because it is easier. However, I will make them just a little different, so that they are unique.

For Aimee & Jordan's new baby.

Whew! That's 5 blankets this year (well, one was pieced last year and quilted this year). In the works, 2 baby boy quilts and very bright wedding quilt. I tend to be about 2 months late with these because I don't quite get them finished in time.

Be sure to read my post on the Squirrel diet below. I just posted it.


Cynthia said...

Our two are still the best!

Loo said...

Beautiful and fun quilts as usual. They sound like they are much more fun than the diet!

Loo said...

Pulled out ours when we got home and the kids were cold. They were so excited to see the animals -- especially the cows. When the youngest saw the cows, she did her fire breathing cow imitation.

Hubby thinks you took the dog photos using cinematography tricks like they did with the hobbits in the Lord of the Rings movies and that Maggie really isn't that big. (Despite having seen her recently.)