Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loo's Visit

Here I am again.  I just thought that I'd upload some photos of Loo's visit out in February with the Jr.s.

 Don't trust this innocent face.  I get into lots of trouble.  I love Minnie Mouse, Kittyyyy!!!! and V-8

 I'm not too innocent myself.  I like sweeping and vacuuming and visiting Aunt Moo at work.
                                            Cheesin' Out
                                             Chillin' w/Papa
Chillin' w/PaPa and telling kitty to run from Sissy, who is Elmyra reincarnated.

And here is a recent quilt I finished.


Manda said...

So excited to see a new post! I was about to write a new post of my own saying how lame all of my friends and family are for not posting very often!

Susan said...

Nice pics! Thanks for sharing.

Beee said...

yeah! glad you remembered the camera to upload the photos. Thank you for sharing them.
Manda, you make me laugh.

Marissa said...

Woohoo! Yay for posting. Love the pics! I don't see those little ones (or their pictures) as often so I especially enjoyed seeing how much they've grown.

As usual, your latest quilt turned out beautifully.

P.S. Buffy looks so innocent in that pic.