Monday, December 27, 2010


Yes, I've decided to post once again. I have to rely on my limited social interactions for blogposts, so they are few and far between, just like my social encounters. Christmas was very nice this year. Coo, Yoocoo, and their little ones came to visit, which makes Christmas much more exciting than just boring adults. NooCoo loves all thing princess and J-bud was happy with all things that moved--cars, tractors, trucks, trains, and planes. FarmerBoy and Coo helped the kids go sledding, and they got to sit and "drive" a tractor. Gran helped with crafts and Uncle S.Q. had Noocoo stumped with his magic. Everyone helped make a snowman, and we "girls" all slept in the same room with wall-to-wall beds. We all had lots of fun while they were here. I told Da that I'd post a few pictures for her enjoyment. Thanks to Coo for some of the photos.

Noocoo and her MegaMe, Roo
J-Bud and Gramps reading a story.
Give me a S-U-P-E-R-G-I-R-L, P-R-I-N-C-E-S-S
Opening Christmas crackers
Such a good tractor driver
I'm not so sure about this.
One cute family


kbrebes said...

Great pics! Fun times!

kbrebes said...

Me again. Just a suggestion. Maybe it would be a good idea to display your name at the top of your blog to entice new followers? Good luck!

sue said...

Thanks for the update. Looks like everyone had fun.

Victoria Gilbert said...

Merry christmas!!!! and happy new year! ( i know it's late, sorry!)
Hope you're doing well :) I miss you!