Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the Road

So, I've been having a lovely vacation up in the Northwestern United States. First, I stayed with my cousin Bee and her husband DaBee. I had a lovely time. We went to the Salmon Festival in Issaquah, where we saw the fish swim upstream and spawn. We also saw many little booths. On Monday, we went to the zoo with the kids that Bee babysits, where the search of garbage truck seemed to be more entertaining than the animals to the little ones. I, however, enjoyed the animals. After my nap, Bee and DaBee took me out to eat, and Bee and I followed that with clothes shopping (I needed new clothes because I am too fat for my old ones :). Tuesday was my last day up in the Seattle area. Bee and I went to Pike's Market, and then had lunch at the Space Needle, followed by a quick trip to the Sci-Fi and EMP museum. It has been lovely. I am now spending time with Coo, YooCoo and family. Enjoy the pics below. Just kidding. The pictures won't load, so pretend that you pictures of me at most of the places above.

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