Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Dear World,

Today, I am ornery. I just thought that I should let you know, as most people can't figure out that I'm ornery because I'm still smiling.

Why am I ornery, you ask?

1. Because I spent 45 minutes on the phone with Credit Card services with them trying to explain how my card could be declined when I overpaid my bill. They took the block off of my card, and still could not give me a satisfactory answer.

2. I have to pay bills at work today.
--some company just sent us bills from last year. Like we can remember what they did for us that long ago! Makes it hard to verify the bill.

3. An employee told me he has a couple of questions ( I know, sounds stressful.), which I should be happy about because this is an improvement over the chewing out I got from him on why the company was ripping him off by requiring him to pay back his advance like he was told he was going to have to do.

4. Loo left.

5. People come into my office when I don't want them to and want me to be nice and I don't always want to be nice.

6. I don't know what to get Da for Christmas.

7. Because I want to be ornery. That's a good enough reason, isn't it.

Ornery regards to you.


P.S. maybe in my next post I'll write about happy things--maybe not.


Beee said...

Those sound like very valid reasons. You forgot one. . . "because your last name is _______" which is another valid reason. Hoping you have much better days in the near future.

Stephanie T said...

Your work sounds a little frustrating at the moment. Sounds like you need a good book and a cozy blanket to cuddle up in. I hope this week goes better!