Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The return of the lazy blogger

Dear all 5 blog readers, I have decided to create a new blog post, so as not to be outdone by Roo. You really should read her latest blog post about Dieter Dolls here.

Life has been going on slowly, but surely. I've actually had some energy lately, so I've finished several craft projects, some of which I may someday post a picture of if I remember. I've also accomplished several things at work that I have successfully postponed for months.

The Wii Saga
In my new purchases news, I bought a Wii at the end of May; however, said Wii is still not hooked up. Why, you ask did I buy a Wii when my parents already have one next door. Because I'm fat and would like to be not so fat...and I get sick in the heat and the parents house isn't very cool. I am only allowed to exercise on my Wii, should it ever get hooked up. All fun games must be played at Ma and Pa's house (at least until I lose my resolve) Why isn't the Wii hooked up? It isn't that hard, you say. Let me share the saga. I go to hook up the Wii and discover that all of the working ports on my switch box are full. So, I go buy a newer, bigger, better switch box and go to hook it up, only to discover that the power strip is full. I buy an extension cord to run from another plug (so I don't blow a fuse). I go to plug in said extension cord and discover (remember) that I live in an old house and all of the plug-ins have two holes and not three. I go buy several adapters so that I can plug in my extension cord (and other things throughout the house. I think I am ready to go as soon as I figure out which outlets are on which circuits.

The Smells in my Life
Also, my house currently has a very funky smell that I cannot figure out. There are no dead vermin that I can find. I found a puddle of water in the kitchen, which may be the source of the stench, but have not yet figured out where it came from. I tried to open the fridge to see if a more horrific waft of putrid air of the same variety would assault my olfactory senses. (Loo and I are very practiced at identifying and producing smells in a fridge. Ma suggested that the puddle of water was something that got in the house and died and then liquified. I informed her that I would have noticed the smell earlier. So, I have spent the last night and probably tonight next door at Ma and Pa's house, avoiding the nasty smell at my house.

As for the good smell in my life, I picked up food from my new favorite drive-through in Delta, El Jaliciense and it smelled fabulous. The smell of the churros and the healthier food mixed together was almost more than I could handle on the drive home. I do have to say that Chewy made a good decision selling water stock to open the restaurant.

Social News
All I can say on this front is that yesterday when Ron P. came into the office, I requested that he bring me back a husband from Scotland, when he, his wife, son Doug, and daughter-in-law go across the pond this summer. Note to MBC: You may also try to find me a Scottish husband while you are traversing the British Isles. Irish, Welsh, and English candidates are also acceptable.

Have a lovely day and enjoy this post. At this rate, you won't see another post for a month or two.


Marissa said...

Woohoo!!! I'm glad I've been pestering you for the past month to post again. It was totally worth it. Thanks!
Hey - where's the new restaurant located? That's big news. Thank goodness for blogs so I can learn this stuff.

Alice said...

Howdy. Glad to hear you are being productive and enjoying the summer. That is weird about the liquid in the kitchen. Did it smell? Maybe a weird animal is living in your house and relieving itself in the kitchen. Sorry, that is quite a mystery. Life is good her. Planning the trip to NYC is fun and stressful all at the same time. This is a lengthy comment so I will move on. You are awesome and I was glad you posted!

Wells and Holly said...

I love reading your blog! You always make me laugh.

Beee said...

Thank you so much for the new post and the attention to it when mentioned in our phone conversation yesterday. It was fabulous to talk with you. Where in the kitchen did you fine said puddle, by the fridge? Maybe the squirel found his way down to the main level to stink up the place. Don't know.
Have a fabulous day!

Cynthia said...

The British are notoriously lacking in the dental arts. Just be warned.

MBC said...

I'll do my best. Met a LOVELY one a couple of days ago but he was a bit young.

Stephanie T said...

Ken's old boss is from Scotland. He's married, but he has a brother who is an airplane pilot. Seriously, could it get any better??? Want me to hook you up? You'll just have to be a really good missionary.

Moo said...

The sandals are from Wal-Mart last year. Alas, I haven't been able to find them except for that one time that I bought them. Mine are getting pretty nasty, and I wouldn't mind another pair myself.