Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Arrivals and Coloring Fun

So, FarmerBoy and I went to SLC and got a call from S.Q. letting us know that he saw Compost Chicken (the chicken that doesn't like the other chickens and lives at the compost pile) crossing the lawn with at least at little chicks. We have since found out that there are at least 11 chicks. We haven't named them yet, as we expect several of them to disappear to predators. The other day I went to take a picture of Compostie with her little family and the picture below is what she thought of the idea.

This next picture shows a few of the chicks (most of them are black). Tonight I had to wait for a bit while she got her family out of the driveway and herded out of my path

Today, at work, I finally cleaned out my fridge that has been sitting unplugged for two months because I stole the extension cord for something else. It was truly gross and growing lots of mold. Loo would be proud of the science experience. I opened the front door and used some Clorox Cleanup, that I got on my pants, which ended up looking like this:

So, I used some of these:

And my pants and leg ended up looking like this:

I then washed and dried my pants to see if that would blend the colors and make them better. Here is the result:

Not what I was hoping for. I guess my lesson is learned. At least until the next time I get Clorox on my clothes.


Beee said...

What fun! Cute chicks! Nice surprise I guess. How was your little jaunt to SLC? Thanks for the nice little post so soon.

Loo said...

The chicks are very cute. Have you tried turning the spots on your pants into some other artwork? Kind of like the thumbprints that you add hats and faces to? Maybe they could be nice daisies or raisins or measles or varied colored polka-dots all over your pants? It could provide many more hours of entertainment.

Marissa said...

Sad. . . you loved those pants. Ok, so I'm making that up but I thought you did. Thanks for the fashion lesson though.

Stephanie T said...

Too bad about your pants. But I love your sandals!!! Where did you get them?