Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All for Names & Names for All

Growing up, we always named the dogie calves that we bottle-fed. We named them after food (Choco, named by Da stood for chocolate-oreo), t.v. characters (Radar from MASH) Princess (nothing in particular), as well as colors (Orange Calf, Black Calf). We even had one named after another animal (Doggie, who acted strangely like a dog). We also named the problem cows, some were named #$@%&#!* and one was named Francois.

Apparently, this makes the family think, (me particularly) that many animals should be named. Ma named the peahens Mabel and Gladys. We don't know which is which, but it doesn't matter as they are never more than 10 feet apart and seem to share a brain. We have a hen that has taken up residence near our "gunk" or compost pile. I have creatively named her Compost Chicken.

I also give another name to general species (usually of the pest varieties). I have given all spiders the named of Fred, George, or Jorge. Loo and I have named all mice Hermie. This mouse "nickname" has caught on in the family with Pa, Eliza B. and Loo's husband all using the term "Hermie" to refer to mice. Perhaps naming the vermin makes me feel as if they aren't as truly gross and disturbing as I usually find them to be(mice are more disturbing than spiders, in my opinion). Or...perhaps it is so that I can live in denial that there are pests around (no, I'm not telling you how "around"), but that the pests are actually "friends" around and this is all just a mental game that I play with myself. You should be confused after the last sentence. At the very least, "naming" the pests gives me a name to shout when I see said critter. As in "HERRRRRRRRMMMEEEEEEEEEEEE! Get Away! I do not want to see you."

Now there is a squirrel in the garage stealing cat food and eating flowers off of plants (see Ma's post here. So, I have decided that it is now necessary to give the squirrel species a "name". Now, I ask you blog readers to help out by suggesting nicknames. Here are the rules:
1. Leave a nickname suggestion in the comment section.
2. All names must be male nicknames, because males (contrary to some media reports, and with the exception of seahorses) do not have babies that infest your space.
3. Name suggestions must be submitted by Sunday, June 14, 2009 by 11 p.m. MDT.
4. After the close of suggestions, a poll will be created, so that you in blogland (aka my family and a few friends) may vote.

Disclaimer: We may or may not use the nickname that is chosen.


sue said...

For the calves you also forgot the name Charmin, at least seems like there was one by that name. And a cat named Froggie, Sundae, and S'mores. Anyway, you could name the squirrel......Rascal or Scamper. Sorry the best I could do.

Beee said...

I would suggest names like BOB, Norm, Steve, Stu, Foo, Tommy, Harry, Ron, Tutu, Casper, Diarrhea (Hubby's suggestion), Barak, Tonto, Ranger, Ko (swedish for cow), Thor, Scratch, BUT I am not going to, because someBODY said that I had to take that which I name; although that did not apply to the bovine, I tried.
Many of my fond memories with the ranch do include the naming of different animals. Thus the treat of having to take them home if I name them. I did name the owls, although I don't know if many used the names I came up with. I figured that I couldn't take them. There were always two great horned owls in the trees there. We know one died, but another appeared, so there were two again. Their names are Horton and Langley. Langley was the taller, thinner one, but one could only know which was which if you could see them at the same time.
I would also like to remind you that you came to name the skunks. . . Rose and Lily??? I believe. They didn't bother to tell me about the skunks and I was at the old farmhouse using a Rainbow vacuum to clean. I had to take the reservoir of water out the back door to dump. I opened the door and there at the bottom of the steps was a skunk eating some dog food. I don't think that I startled it as much as I was startled. I expect to see skunks shortly after dawn or at dusk, but not at 10 am. I went out the other door and walked around talking loudly to the skunk so he/she knew I was coming and they went off and I was able to finish with the cleaning. I mentioned the skunk and that is when I was informed that they had a couple of NAMED skunks. lol I know they were named by the plants that they were spotted by, but note, they were FEMALE names, Moo. UGHHHH

Manda said...

um, Choco (aka Chocco) was not named after chocolate oreo, but after chocolate coconut. He was brown and white. The brown reminded me of chocolate, the white of coconut). I was not even thinking of Oreos. Maybe I should have named him dingdong though...

Loo said...

I vote for Larry, Mo or Curly. Chip and Dale are nice and might help you imagine the intruder is not so large.

Alice said...

snuffleufogus. I like that name. I also like the name bohemian. I also like the name nephron. I also like the name bandit. I also like the name stupid little animal brain. I also like the name P. I also like the name S. I also like the name green. I also like the name circular. I also like the name sandals. I think I am a little tired, but I bet there are a few good ones in that rambling!