Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Singles Life

So, my Mom kept telling me that I should go to a singles activity down here. I have lived here a year, so I decided that I should make it out to see if my suspicions were true that it was 18-year-olds and octegenarians. (sp?) Following a crappy day at work, I stuck to my decision to go to a singles activity that was announced as a Young Single Adult activity in my ward. I did make my little sister Roo go along with me for moral support, which may have been my downfall in the end. We arrived at the church and peeked in the door, seeing only old people. I decided to walk around a bit and investigate further, as I did not want to be the only one not collecting Social Security. This was me stalling. We came back and peeked in the door again. Still, I saw only old people. Roo and I stood in the parking lot deciding what to do. Roo kept saying that we might as well go in and look. I gave in. Bad decision. It was indeed all old people, but we were in too deep. They had seen us and knew that we were there. Yes, it was a typical singles activity in town. I think the person that was next youngest besides my sister and I was a member of the stake presidency and his wife who were in their fifties. I think young meant 65 or 70! (Coo, I bet this is bringing back memories of firesides at the Sands apartments for retired people.) Yes, that's right, I gave it a try, and I'm never going back, though I did laugh most of the way home. I hope you enjoy the picture above that I took at the activity (I took it with the permission of the stake presidency member, so it was o.k., though I did take it while the people weren't looking and with no flash. Yes, I was chicken. Roo and I snuck out after dinner and decided to skip the program for some odd reason.


Beee said...

I just could not figure out that "odd reason" as to why you skipped out on the program. I am proud of you both going. After all, you did get a story to tell. I figure, if you get a story out of it, it couldn't be THAT bad. ooooohhhhh. . . you got a laugh out of it also.
Thanks for being the first comments on my loverly (or not so) blog.

Alice said...
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Alice said...

This post made my day. I feel so much better about being the old person in my ward. 30 is looking pretty spring chickenesk! Thanks for the laughs. I would still be laughing if I were you. I really hope your mom will now stop the pressuring of you to go to these activities. So funny!