Monday, January 21, 2008

It's about time

I've had several people comment on the infrequency of my blog posts. I know. I'm a big slacker. First off, I'd like to offer my condolences to Strongpants, previously known as Pansy, on the loss of the Green Bay Packers. A moment of silence please.

Lately, my life has consisted of work, work and work. I did go up to Provo this last weekend and had a lovely time shopping with Strongpants. I bought me some new shoes, and my favorite purchase was a package of 12 lists, each having a month written on the bottom. Lists make me very happy, even though I lose them all the time.

Today my rant is on "State of the __________" addresses that happen this time of the year. Do all four of the major networks really need to carry these? Frankly, most of these speeches consist of a lot of clapping interspersed with a few phrases from the President, mayor or governor. Some of us would rather just read it on line the next day. I think if all of the clapping was omitted from the speeches, they would last approximately 7 minutes and 32 seconds. Fine. Cut into my programming for 8 minutes. I might forgive you for this, but no you go on forever. First we have the analysis of what the speaker might say, followed by the elongated speech, which is followed by commentary on what the speaker did say and why it is good and bad, as well as the virtues of all the major political parties. You cut into my T.V. time for two hours! I want to watch something else on T.V. Come on, give me some options. I realize that normal T.V. is slim pickin's right now, but it is better than having the same thing on every channel


Alice said...

oh joy, a new post! What a great thing. I was so pleasantly surprised to see that you've been writing again. Thanks for it. It brightened my blah winter day. I am hating winter. I may just have to get that sun lamp yet! I hope you don't have to work so much this week. You need a break! Thanks for the visit btw!

Beee said...

I agree with your view of the "state of the ________". I personally would just like it to be left to those who do care to read it, because, I neither watch them nor read them; I watch the highlights on the news.
So glad you also had a loverly time in Provo and got your lists.

Cynthia said...

I am so happy that I have such influence! (I'm taking all the credit, even if others pestered you too.)
State of the Union addresses are better than a family full of stomah flu sufferers. Especially if one of them is a baby and you get to change the resultant diapers. Seriously, ewww!