Thursday, January 31, 2008

Excitement in My Life

Yes. There was indeed excitement in my life today. So exciting, in fact, that I told my family about it before I came home. So exciting that my Mom, who was listening to my Dad and brother's conversation on the phone with me thought I got a raise. What is as exciting as a raise, you ask? The answer: A new toilet at work. The toilet has been leaking for a couple of months now and I haven't gotten around to calling someone to fix it. I called the plumber, who at first thought it was a gasket that was the problem, but upon further inspection, he found...

...a crack in the tank! I know what excitement in my life. Even more exciting--he left the old toilet as he couldn't fit it on his truck. So, now I have two toilets at work. I hope someone doesn't use the one that isn't hooked up. I better make a sign for it. You would think it would be obvious with it being out in the hall, but you never know. Tomorrow's excitement will consist of trying out the new toilet out and taking off the sticker. Apparently toilets have a sticker that is the equivalent to the mattress "do not remove unless you are the owner tag". Who knew? I didn't. The things I am learning at my job.

The other excitement--I know your brain can hardly handle even more excitement--the plumber also insulated my furnace pipe, so that it hopefully won't freeze and then I won't have to remember to empty the "drain" bucket every couple of days.

Yeah for me! Well, I wish you all many happy flushes.


Beee said...

Congratulations on your new toilet! Now are you REALLY the owner? I don't want you taken in because you took off those stickers.
Happy flushing!

Moo said...

The owner is technically hundreds of stockholders and we're not going to be able to fit them all into the bathroom, so I'll probably eventually have to take off the sticker myself.

Cynthia said...

I like the visual of hundreds of stockholders waiting with baited breath as you do the honors. You could serve cocktail weenies and punch afterwards. After a good hand washing, of course.
Our upstairs toilet had to be re-fitted (?) or re-somethinged before we moved in, because the previous owner was big. Really big, as we've been told. Really, really big.
I wish they'd just replaced the toilet.

Les said...
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Les said...

Congrats! Now you don't have to use the great outdoors so much anymore (or whereever else you were using)! Now we know where the REAL office is, right? Actually might be interesting to leave the old one in the hall and see what happens! (aren't I mean?)

Many happy flushings!

PS: What the gov't doesn't know about the sticker won't hurt them, right?