Friday, November 16, 2007


Well, I survived my sister's wedding last week. I'd like to reiterate that I'm not going to have a reception, I'm going to elope and only my immediate family will know about it. I don't care how good of a friend you are, you probably won't be invited, maybe. Why skip the reception? Many reasons. First, it is money that could be better spent traveling the world. Second, I don't like to talk to people for extended periods of time. Third, it will be stressful. Fourth, I can get the dress without the reception. My mom tells me that there will be another person involved in the wedding and that he might want a reception. My reply, "Then I won't marry him". You needn't worry yourself about the fact that you won't be invited as there are currently no prospects whatsoever, and unlike Dennis Rodman, I want to marry another person, rather than myself.

I do have to say that my sister was acting appropriately for her wedding day. She was all giddy and excited and giggly--exactly as a bride should be. The upside to weddings--you get to see the whole family, even it is for just a few minutes. Granted, our family isn't too large as Loo is only the second to get married. I also got to see the niece, NooKoo (how is that nickname Coo & wife). She is very cute and figured out how to get the animal book to make noise, as did the rest of the family. I'd post pictures of the wedding and the family, but I didn't take pictures. Why?, you ask. I'll tell you. There were five bazillion photographers at the wedding. The hired one and all of the amateur ones that are friends and relatives. I figure the more pictures you take, the fewer words they are worth. One picture is worth 1,000 words, but 1,000 pictures are only worth .25 words apiece.

I'll see if I can get my brother S.Q. to send me the video of the bouquet toss to post next time and then I can commentate on that whole debacle.



BEEE said...

I would like to comment on the whole bouquet deal. You did a loverly job at catching the bouquet. I don't really think that it was aimed at you. I have thrown one of those things and aiming it backward is a little difficult. There were really only the two photographers, seeing as I tried to help in other capacities than, such as run to the house and play "where would you be if you were colorful napkins for a reception". I did have my camera out for a few minutes, but I didn't even get a picture of you, let alone most of your siblings. I was a failure at that, but I didn't care because the pro was there being camera happy.

MBC said...

For a long time I was pro elopement. At the most, I thought there should be a drive-up window where you said hello to the couple, dropped off a gift in the drop box, and got a little treat to go. I have since been converted to receptions. I think it's nice to let people who love you get together and be happy for you over some cake.

Moo said...

I agree that you were not bad at all with the camera, and were indeed very helpful on the day of the reception. I was actually not referring to you in the blog, but you know all of the others I was referring to (there were also a couple of friends). I was a little sad that you didn't get to use your brand new camera a little bit more. Mostly it was the ring ceremony that was overwhelming. Flash! Flash! Flash! Thanks for the comments.

P.S. Good job on finding the napkins!

BEEE said...

Okay, I do now remember, I was one of the guilty parties at the ring ceremony. It was a little too much, I agree. It was a little overwhelming for groom's son as well as you. I do remember I did get a few pics of you at the ring ceremony. You did a very nice job on your little schpill, the advice was great. . . . "make sure that she is _______________ or she gets grumpy". Most brides need to come with that warning. I tried warning my man, but he didn't pay any attention.