Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Rundown

We had a new record number of trick-or-treaters at the house this year, at least I think we did. That's right--17! I took my candy to Mum's, so the ghosts and goblins wouldn't hurt themselves on the way to my house (the light is motion-sensitive, so they would have had to walk most of the way in the dark.

As I child, I dressed up as many normal things--a witch, an alien, a punk-rocker, a baseball player with a black eye and a few not-so-normal things--Pippi longstocking (with a coat hanger threaded through my braids to make them stand up), a hunchbacked old man and random other things. We always had a Halloween party in the next town over a few days before Halloween and then on Halloween we'd go trick-or treating in my own town. It was very important that you went to every house in town, so that you wouldn't hurt somebody's feelings. I always hated the bit 'o honeys. I think my favorite were Almond Joys. One of the great things about having a large family is you can always trade candy with a sibling if you don't like certain kinds.

True fact: On vacation, I specifically bought candy with peanut butter because I knew some of my siblings didn't like it and they wouldn't ask me to share with them, thus leaving me more!

Top ten reasons to love Halloween in a small town.

1. You get lots of candy in few stops.
2. You know everyone in town, so there is no "scary" candy to eat.
3. People never run out of candy.
4. My mom gives out toys like play dough (I am playing with mine right now.)
5. You know everyone that comes trick-or-treating, if you can tell who they are.

This year I didn't dress up for Halloween, guess I'm just turning into a fuddy-duddy.

In other news, FarmerBoy and I are cancelling our South Asia cruise and may go to Rome instead. Who knows? I'm open to anything, as long as we know before we leave the driveway. Also, new to grandma's (my) house, is a programmable thermostat, smoke detectors, and a carbon monoxide detectors, so hopefully now I'll be a little bit safer in the house.


MBC said...

I want a carbon monoxide detector. I'm always sure that I'm being slowly poisoned in my home. Maybe on the next trip to Sam's.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Okay, I adore bit 'o honeys AND almond joys. Oh man, I haven't had a bit 'o honey in a long time. I think I'm going to have to find me one.