Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hum Drum

So, I haven't posted in awhile because my life is just humdrum right now. Nothing too exciting--just the day-to-day fun of work. I'm getting lots of tax forms done and mailing lots of meeting notices. This will all be followed by lots and lots of meetings--10 to be exact. I haven't been doing much quilting, but hopefully will get a bit of time this weekend to work on it.

Next month--Dippyland with the Coo Family, Ma, Pa, & Roo. Pa has always called it Dippyland, so most of us do, too. I've been reading up on lots and lots and lots and lots of useless tips for the Magic Kingdom. Did you know that some people buy a computer program to plot out their course at Dippyland. They use a computer program! What happened to having a relaxing time on vacation. I'm sure that Coo will find a reason to create a spreadsheet for the occasion, as he and Loo are in love with spreadsheets.

Well, here is one thing tat I did recently finish--a rail fence quilt for Baby McBaby in the good old U.K. I don't think it is my favorite of my finished quilts--sorry MBC. I'm still working on boy and gender neutral quilts and getting them to be more attractive. I also made 4 pair of little, itty, bitty baby shoes that I did not take a picture of that I can remember. I will never be doing that again because it was a big, fat pain in the patoot.

Sorry that it is blurry, but I can't fix it.

In other news Maggie Mae is growing quickly. The family spent much time debating over her heritage, so I had a doggie DNA test done on her and gave my family the results for Christmas. Yes, I am well aware that I am a dork, but I was a curious dork.

For all of you that don't know what the results were, you have until January 27 to guess what her heritage is. I'd post newer pics of her but my camera is broken.

P.S. Roo posted some new blogs, even thought it doesn't look like it on my sidebar.


MBC said...

WE think the quilt turned out great! (And the sweet, wee shoes, too.)

Beee said...

I think the quilt is quite nice. I like it. As to the mix of Maggie Mae, I am going to guess she is a good part border collie, with a bit of Labrador Retriever, chiuauaua, and Australian Shepherd mixed in.

A friend said...

We need a update on how Dippyland was on this blog

Moo said...


You could update us on your European Vacation on your blog.

P.S. Tell FarmerBoy that Callie misses him most.