Sunday, April 4, 2010

This weekend

So, here is my project for this weekend. It is a skirt made out of jelly roll strips. I think I'll make a quilt with the other strips. I wonder who it could be for??? :) I need the waist size for a certain little NooCoo, so that I can finish the skirt up and get it in the mail. I'll just have to wait until her family gets back home from vacation.

You'll notice the NCAA brackets in the background. I think Pa won, o.k. S.Q. won, but he's at college and won his ward's, so he doesn't count. My bracket pretty much tanked. Yes, I took the picture with the webcam because I was too lazy to find a camera.

I went to the grocery store for 10 cent hotdogs at about 4:15, but they'd already shut down the line because it was so long. I just bought hot dogs in the store and burned them for supper last night.


Lauren said...

Very cute skirt! I love that fabric.

Do you always eat your hotdogs burned?

Cynthia said...

WOOHOO! She will absolutely love it!!! And its great because it looks like almost any shirt will match! I love it! Thanks.

Wells and Holly said...

I love the skirt. What a fun sewing project. My bracket tanked, too. The upsets were cool, but it really wasn't so great for the bracket thing!