Sunday, March 28, 2010


So, for the past couple of years, I've taken up quilting. It is my Saturday activity, so I thought I'd share some of what I've accomplished. I have recently become long-distance sewing buddies with lissieloo, my sister Da's college roommate. We are doing a jelly roll sampler together found here at Moose on the Porch quilts. I was a little slow getting started, but I've finished the first two blocks. They are below.

Block #1

Block #2

I'm also doing a block of the month with our local quilt store, and am forcing Roo to do it along with me, using fabric at home. The first block below is mine, and the second is hers.



I've also made four quilts (completed 3 7/8). I only have pictures of two. I have also made two baby quilts. The one for baby WooWoo was made from scraps of the farm quilt below. Oddly enough, the farm quilt is the first one started, and it is the one that still isn't finished. I still have to bind the quilt.

For NooCoo

The farm quilt

An up close of the farm quilt. I actually machine quilted this one. It was a pain, but I survived.


Lauren said...

Ooh, I like your jelly roll fabrics!

And the block of the month blocks are fun too.

As for the painter's tape, I don't really know. I just press down once I have it in place and it stays just fine. I even reuse it several times before it loses its stickiness.

I machine quilt everything because I HATE hand sewing. And I can't free motion quilt on my machine yet because I can't figure out the tension. So it's all straight line quilting. I'm going to try to get a walking foot, and I hear that really helps with the folds and pleating.

I love the farm quilt!

Stephanie T said...

You'll have to explain to me what Jelly Roll means. Your quilts look beautiful!

Victoria Gilbert said...

Wow look at you quilting up a storm!! All of your quilting is beautiful :) I'd like to learn some day. I like checking up on you, it's fun to read your blog... miss you!!