Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Post because Roo said I should.

So, Roo said that I should write a new blog post. January, as always, has been a very big month at work. I have accomplished the following there:
1. 65 W-2s prepared and sent
2. 30 1099s prepared and sent
3. 6 943s prepared and sent
4. 1 940 prepared and sent
5. 6 State withholding forms sent.
6. 3 Annual meetings attended and minutes taken (1 to go on Tuesday)
7. 7 Board meetings attended and minutes taken (1 to go on Tuesday)
8. Hundreds Voting cards made for said meetings, and we actually used some this year!
9. 6 Nasty accounting reviews
10. 24 Hours of Comp Time, and 1 sick day.

Needless to say, my month pretty much consisted of work, work, work! Farmer Boy and I are going on a Western Caribbean Cruise. We leave Saturday at midnight. Hurrah! We will be doing much snorkeling. I have been purchasing much sun gear--spf clothing and hat, sunblock; water-proof sunblock; biodegradable, water-proof sun-block. I also had to purchase a new swimming suit, and the most unflattering board shorts that you have ever seen in your life. Good thing no one but FarmerBoy will see me.

There you go--an update from me. I'll leave you with a picture of me in my fabulous new spf sun hat. It makes me look like an old lady. Let me know which side you like best, flowered or beige.


sue said...

Welcome back to blogland. I think I like the beige side best, not that the flowered really looked too bad.

MBC said...


John said...

bith. i mean both. depends on the mood and the outfit and the sassiness level. have so much fun and hope that i don't die of envy.

John said...

that wasn't really john. that was me. yoo-coo. (is that my name?)

Marissa said...

if you're out in public with mom, go with the flowered. other than that, go with whichever one best suits your mood.

Stephanie T said...

I like the beige, just because then the flowered side is peeking out and being a little flirty.

Hope your cruise was fun! You can blog about that now:-)

MBC said...

I want to hear about the cruise!