Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Quirkiness of Me

I was tagged recentlyish to share six quirky things about myself. I did not forget this, I just couldn't think of the things. Here it goes:

1. I won't eat square hamburgers, even with the corners broken off.
2. When I go to bed at night, I turn off the light and cross the room in the dark without turning on a lamp. I consider this quirky, since my room is a pig sty. I try to memorize where all of the junk is before I cross the room and am usually successful crossing the room safely.
3. I have a weird thing with numbers. I made cookies yesterday and there was enough dough for 6 dozen and 2 cookies. I made six dozen and saved the extra dough for my brother. My alarm clock is always set for a number ending in 4 or 9.
4. I close my eyes when I shower.
5. I start singing weird, made up songs when I am tired.
6. I don't sleep sitting up, meaning I don't sleep in cars, planes, trains, buses or any other kind of vehicle. Perhaps if I traveled first class...

There you have it, that is the quirkiest that I can remember. I now tag, Mama G, Mandyhead, Cynthia, Eliza B, Suz E Q, and Roo. However, you don't have to do it if you don't want to.


MBC said...

How do you find the shampoo if your eyes are closed? And, wow, traveling must be really tough for you if you don't sleep sitting up!

moreorLes said...

I used to have trouble sleeping sitting up in cars too. Now I sleep all the way home from work, up the Legacy Parkway... OOPS not supposed to say that. Anyhow, interesting details.