Friday, October 17, 2008

Odd Searches

Today I thought that I'd put the odd words people searched for that directed them to my blog, as I am lacking on the creativity front today.

boonie air freshener
--manure of course

I want excitement in my life
--don't we all

calling someone a lemming
--very important to know what this means before you do it

pressed wood dangers
--self explanatory
cancer danger carpet

bird stuck in car grill
--this is one of the most frequent searches that leads people to my blog. Apparently this is a very common problem in the world.

silage bag photos

--when you need a photo, you need a photo.

pink pajamas for women

--I am very stylish

pink happiness background
--would make me sick. A more common search of the past is pink ballerina newspaper. Who knew so many people wanted this.

happiness in small towns

halloween in small towns

small town newspapers
--a recent newspaper article talked about the food growing on the banks of the sewage pond. It must be fertile ground!

In other stats, I've had visitors from the following countries:
*United States
*United Kingdom
*Saudi Arabia
*Some others, but they were over a month ago.


Marissa said...

whoa! where'd you find out all that information?

Manda said...

yes. I was wondering the same thing. How do you know all of this?

Moo said...

Go to and then sign up for an account and follow the directions.

MBC said...

I mostly get people looking for pictures of James Marsden. Also searches for slanted cakes and for Michael Sharon actor. I used to get all kinds of people looking for the story of the frog in the pot of water. And I hope they learned a valuable lesson when they actually got to my blog on that search, namely that that story is totally FALSE.