Sunday, August 31, 2008

If I can say hippopotamus

So this weekend, we have had many visitors, though none of them were hippopotamuses. The honored guests were MBC & ARK. They came down special to help put up corn. They also came down a several weeks ago for the opening ceremonies party, that I hold every time there are Olympics. You may read about the party on their blogs, available in the list to the left, as they update theirs more regularly than I do. (Summary--there was food from many nations, and not all chocolate is created equal). It is so nice for the MBC and the ARK to visit me out here in the boonies. Moving on, we picked, shucked, blanched, cut, and bagged a total of 900 ears, and came out with around 200 two cup bags of corn, post-cob. The boys usually do the picking and the shucking. MBC was nice enough to help with the picking this go round. Then we women folk finished the rest of the tasks. Needless to say, it was tiring and also a lot of fun because you get to sit around and talk with everyone.

Other special guests included Uncle Isotalo and Auntie CG, who are becoming cruise aficionados. Loo, hubby, and son also came, and of course everyone helped with the corn process. It is always nice to have visitors.

Today, I substituted in the nursery and learned that if I can say hippopotamus, then I can say, I'm sorry. It actually wasn't too bad. I am not a person that is known for my love of little children. I deal better with older kids. There were three kids and two leaders, I got to sit most of the time, I got a treat, and all of the kids were potty trained. If we would have naptime, it would have been even better.

Tomorrow, S.Q. leaves to go back to the Zoo. He will be missed for many reasons besides that he fixes all of our technology problems and helps with any work we ask him to. Have a fabulous holiday weekend and remember:
"If you can say hippopotamus, you can say I'm sorry."


Beee said...

I guess it was good that I could not come down this weekend. It sounds as if you were running out of room to put people. I am sorry to miss out on the fun of corning. I would have much rather done that than speaking in church. My hubby did a real good job; my talk was a train wreck, but everyone tells me it was good.

Cynthia said...

We miss small town corn. We got some here at the farmer's market. We were disappointed. We also didn't get to smooch in the cornfields, or the truck they were selling from. What a let down.

MBC said...

Thanks for inviting us down. It was fun!

I spent lots of time with little children at church this week, too, but I didn't get any treats, just little marmot shoes snagging my stockings and little marmot hands trying to undress me.

Marissa said...

Too bad I can't say hippopotamus. :)

Manda said...

You've been saying Hippopotamus for a long time. How about trying a new blog post?