Monday, February 11, 2008

New Things for Me

I spent many hours shopping with Loo, Roo, and Mom on Saturday. Roo found many great things on sale, of course. I found many things on sale, but I didn't care for them, so instead I bought the expensive things that I like. I am going to Rome in two days and have decided that I can't look like a slob in a European city (in the Delta sense of the word). Perhaps you will get to see some of my new clothes if I post pictures from my trip. Anyway, it was lots of fun and we stopped for See's chocolates in the end. Happiness. I would marry the bordeaux if it was a man.

Also this week, I got a fabulous mp3 player. As my friend Strongpants can attest to I have been trying for a couple of months to decide whether or not to buy one and which one to buy if I did buy one. Well, I finally decided last Monday night to order a refurbished one online. It was a great deal; however, I, of course, wanted to have it before my trip and needed time to load songs on it. Lucky for me it came on Thursday. Hooray for fast service! Anyway, I went to load some music onto it, but I cannot find my CD case. Ugh. I have looked many places and cleaned many parts of the house looking. What is a girl to do? Find all of the random ones in other CD cases containing only a few, pull the ones out of my car, bring the ones home from work, and "borrow" a few from the family. I also put on some Italian Language CDs, so that I can talk to myself on the airplane and the other passengers will look at me funny and my brother will refuse to sit in the same section of the plane with me.

No, I am not packed yet, but I have done some packing. It's hard to pack clothes when they are still wet. I've tried to think of sneaky places to hide my money, so that the pickpockets have to work hard to find it, but don't worry, I'll be ready by tomorrow night. Until I write again--Ciao!

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Alice said...

So excited for you. Say hi to the Pope for me! Ciao!