Saturday, February 23, 2008

Italian, Other European, or American

Well, I'm back from Rome and am now well-rested and clean, so I can now post to my blog. While in Rome, one of my favorite games to play was, "Italian, Other European, or American". This was easily played in Rome as it was full of locals and tourists. The following items were helpful in playing this game.

1. Shoes. Europeans wear much better shoes than Americans--they wear stylish leather shoes. Also, if they were wearing athletic shoes, they looked more like soccer shoes than basketball shoes. Boots were popular among the women--European boots had more gold on them than American boots.

2. Hair and eye color. Most of the Italians in Rome had jet black hair and brown eyes. If there was a person with good shoes and hair color other than naturally black, it was a safe bet that they were other European, or even other Italian (as opposed to Roman).

3. Facial expression. I found that most Romans and Europeans did not smile very often. Sheesh. Did you just come from a funeral--was work that bad for all of you--I mean you get 2 hours off for lunch, how bad can it be?

4. Clothes--Apparently color is not popular in Italy. I had FarmerBoy take "Where's Megan" pictures at the Vatican and Colosseum. They would have been much harder if I weren't the only one in a blue coat. Black and white are very popular colors in Europe. Come on people, let's show a little life. Obviously they must wear colors sometime as they sold colored clothes in the stores.

5. Jewelry--Europeans wear a lot more jewelry than your average American--even to work. I realize that dressing up for work for me means not wearing a sweatshirt, but I can't imagine wearing that much jewelry to work everyday. It would just distract me.

There you have some of my observations of the difference between chic Italians and Europeans and slobby Americans. If any of my readers out there have noticed any other differences, please feel free to let me know.


Beee said...

Welocme back MOO!!!! Enjoyed the report of your favorite game while in Rome. I am amazed that you did not have tons of Italians dropping at your feet, even if they presumed that you mere with farmer boy. Although you are not really blond, I figure that your hair was that much lighter and closer to blond than theirs, that they would be proposing left and right. I only really experienced Italian men once, when I was 17; I was not impressed. Well, not impressed with the way they treated me. The blonds I was with got so much better treatment than I did. That is how life is.

Alice said...

Man, I have missed you a lot! How is the Pope? I hope you had lots of adventures and I am so very excited to hear all about them. When do you come to visit again? Later!

Cynthia said...

European: less deodorant and funny socks with shorts. (Maybe not the chic Italians, but all the other Europeans at Zion's.)
Japanese: Completely inappropriate shoes for even the simplest hike in any national park.

MBC said...

Man, you are so right about the shoes. I am in love with European shoes. And the men who wear them.