Friday, October 5, 2007

A lonesome pole cat

I awoke this morning to the putrid smell of skunk. I mean what makes you more excited for your day to begin than the fresh aroma of the country pole cat. I must admit, the title of this blog is a bit misleading, as it was not a lonesome pole cat, but at least two of them. My brother, FarmerBoy, stated that perhaps it was mating season. The internet informed me that this was untrue as mating season is between March and June. Pepe Lepue was not wooing his love, but rather just "freshening" up my house--and my Mum and Pop's. FarmerBoy called me before I left the house to let me know of the wandering feline and to warn me to watch closely where I walked, as these striped stenchors had been on the porch, in the lane, and anywhere else they could think of. Skunk lookout is not a job that I want to be able to list on my resume, but one can always acquire new and useful skills.

As I returned from work, I was in my mode of non-thinking and walked onto my parents' porch to be assaulted by the smell. No, it was not gone and the rain just brings out the fresh skunk fragrance enough to make me wonder if I have absorbed the skunk's perfume as my own. Ah, the smells of the country--never dull.

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