Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vacations and More Quilts

So, in February, I took a little Vacation with FarmerBoy, S. Q. and Da.  First, we went to Universal Studios and Harry Potter world in Florida.  We bought matching sweatshirts because we are dorks like that.  FarmerBoy got Slytherin, I got Hufflepuff, Da got Ravenclaw, and S. Q. got Gryffindor.  Yes, that's one from each house.  S. Q. has a photo somewhere of it.

Next we took a 6 day cruise on Royal Caribbean and went to Haiti and also to Jamaica.  The first photo is of Da and I on the beach in Haiti.  Pretend that it is more flattering than it is and that I am skinnier than I am and we'll all be happy.

After Haiti was Jamaica.  Here FarmerBoy, S.Q. and I went parasailing.  It was very relaxing just floating in air.  Here is a photo of that.  Wow, that's one of the most flattering pictures of me that I've had in a while.

 In quilt news, Ma & I have been busy making for all the many babies coming in the ward.  There will be like 15 in a year's timespan--and that's just in the ward.  There are also a few cousins, friends, etc.
                                     This quilt is for baby boy Hansen. (by Ma)
                                    This was for my friend M. Kolste (by me)
                                           This is for baby girl Lake. (by Ma)
                                            This is for baby boy Palmer (by Ma)

                                   This will be for baby girl Gilgan (by Ma)

                                This will be for baby boy McPherson (by Ma)

You'll notice that Ma made most of the quilts.  I have a couple that are finished, but I still need to get photos of them.  I lost one of the binder clips that I used to hang the quilts from the Christmas gutter clips.

And of course a few puppy pictures, as I'm sure that you really care about these, but what can I say, my life isn't that exciting. 
May is on the left and June is on the right with her cone.  She had to have stitches and wouldn't leave them alone, hence the cone of shame.
June, with cone, who once joined Ma in the shower.  She had been outside, but opened the front door and then the bathroom door.  The Bathroom no longer has a lever handle and we usually remember to lock the front door.  Apparently, Ma prefers to take her showers without the dog.

May, without cone, loves to be out at the stackyard with the cows.  She also loves to ride the 4 wheeler with FarmerBoy and Pa. 

Have a great summer!


Beee said...

So happy. I didn't have to even pretend anything about the pic of you and Da (although I do identify with your sentiments). S.Q. needs to get the pic of the four of you, not that farmer boy would allow you to post his pic on your blog, but I would still like to see that photo. You all do fabulous jobs with the quilts. I am really good at taking after Grandma, in the fact that I buy fabric and put it in a stash here or there.
As for the dog pics and stories. I really enjoy those, too. Roo told me that one of the two dogs has a best friend that was one of the calves from the back yard. .. George was it? Fortunately, my dogs are not really tall enough (I guess they could jump) to use the lever style handles, but I don't have any in my house. Regular round knobs work great at keeping a toddler contained right now.

Marissa said...

Yay!!! I loved all the pictures! 1) very jealous of the parasailing.
2) I am always impressed with your and mom's quilt skills (I know I've said this before but, we love our quilt. If there is only one quilt on our bed G3 insists that it is the one).
3) Extra thank you's for including the pictures of June with the cone of shame (although, in the photos, she doesn't look depressed).
Thanks again!

Susan said...

Thanks for the update. Nice pictures.

Loo said...

Yea! A post! With photos! Happily your posts always have photos. The quilts are amazing. As is the fact that you actually finish projects.

The vacation looks like fun. A bit jealous (but not of the parasailing).