Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Do Peacocks Poop in Apostrophes?

This morning as I was walking outside, I noticed that the peahens had pooped on Ma & Pa's porch and sidewalk. I also noticed that each of these poop spots were in the shape of apostrophes. I was going to take a picture to share, but Pa cleaned it up before I got my camera out. So, that brings up the questions, "Do Peacocks Poop in Apostrophes or Commas?" I'm voting for apostrophes because because it makes for better alliteration.

On to the NCAA championship game. UNC won, which I was not hoping for as I have very distinct prejudices against all North Carolina teams. This always hurts me in the brackets as I will almost always have them lose before the championship game. I would like to remind Loo and husband that they should not become fans of any NC team, even though they will be living in NC. I would like to remind her of a player that she referred to as a "cocky snot" that played for Duke, another NC team. I would like to amend my statement, allowing Loo to become a fan of small NC teams that are not well-known. In other words, underdogs that will never make it to the NCAA tourney.

I have created a poll so that you can vote on your reality shows. Why did I create this poll, you ask. I was bored, that's why. So you better all participate!

What are your favorite reality shows (Pick 2)
Amazing Race
Celebrity Apprentice
Dancing with the Stars
American Idol
So You Think You Can Dance
The Biggest Loser
All Reality Shows are Stupid
I like ones that are not listed above
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Beee said...

They may very well poop in apostrophes. I would probably have thought of something else that also is in that shape. . . maybe silver fish, raindrop shapes. . . or something else that I will not mention. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

Manda said...

Um, I chose more than two...can you guess which ones?