Sunday, January 18, 2009

The New United States

I haven't blogged in quite awhile as work has been overbusy, and thus, I have not been very creative. Anyway, I was sitting around with the family tonight looking at a United States Map. We were marking the states that we had been to. Then we listed the countries that we had been to. Of course we also spent time planning trips wherein we could add more states to our list in one fell swoop. After awhile Uncle Isatalo and Pa decided that perhaps we could combine some of the northeastern states into one state. Then the group decided that perhaps they should even up all of the states based on land area. This would mean that Alaska would have 8 new states (or 12 people per Alaskan state). Texas would have four states, all retaining the name Texas in their name (East Texas, West Texas, Liberal Texas, etc.) as they would have a Civil War over who got to keep the name Texas. I also decided that we should square up all of the states in typical Monk fashion. If you did not live in a square, then you would be required to move.

And then it hit me--how many other families sit around redividing the United States, probably very few. I guess we're just unique.

What are all of your thoughts on this matter?


sue said...

So how many states did we end up having? Sounds like y'all were having a lot of fun. It would be interesting to live like that, but wouldn't a couple of odd shaped states be interesting too?

moreorLes said...

I like the idea of dividing up Texas. When I was in Jr. High (Louisiana - Alexandria Jr. High), we talked about it in US Studies. It's interesting that until recently, Texas had it written in it's constitution it could leave the US at anytime. We tried to picture Texas divided up into states, or providences, or whatever, it was interesting. I suspect you all have been around to more states then me, and more countries (only been to 3 - Panama, Brazil, and Paraguay).

Manda said...

Well, it was my opinion in the conversation that we should cut down the number of states. that wasy the federal and state governments could save money. Don't have as many Senators to pay, etc.

Beee said...

So, did our parents really settle on a "next trip" to get in more states? I would ask how many states were visited, but I guess it would be easier to list which have not been visited. If you include the rest of your siblings who were not there, do you have the states covered?

Stephanie T said...

This post is totally you! I love it!

So Liberal Texas would pretty much only consist of the Austin Area. I get so many comments whenever we leave the "land of sin" about that. You would think that Austin is the Soddom and Gomorrah of the whole entire US with the way they act.

But personally I think if it was divided into smaller states that would make 3 of those states completely useless, okay, well other then for oil and beef. I think the dry, sage-brushy landscape in Utah is so much prettier them most of Texas.