Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wind, Wind, Wind

First off--Happy Birthday, Mom! It was your birthday when I wrote this, but probably not when you read this. Today, my rant is on the wind. I am not a fan of the wind--a breeze, I love--the wind, I do not. What is so bad about the wind, you ask? I hold my breath in the wind; I don't know why I do this, but I do, and thus long periods of time in the wind are difficult for me as I have to force myself to breathe. Apparently, I did this as a baby, too. Old habits die hard. In fact, I haven't gone to get the mail today because it will involve walking in the wind. I haven't gone to get lunch today because I'll have to walk two steps in the wind to get to the car to go get lunch.

I forgot to post about how fun it was to have Cyn and NooKoo down last week. They were here for just a short time, but long enough for NooKoo to make great friends with one of the dogs and utter the great words "dog" and "cat". She could already say "mama" and "wow" and maybe a few other things. I must admit she is very cute, particularly when she gets excited and goes stiff and shakes. I think that FarmerBoy is her favorite aunt/uncle at this point. When she saw him she got excited and about rocked her car seat off of the table. Too bad he, Mom, and Dad were sick and couldn't hold her, but they enjoyed seeing her just the same. It was also good to get to talk to Cyn and see her again, of course. We really do like you Cyn, even if you didn't have NooKoo.

Well, I'm off to hold my breath and get the mail and my lunch.


Cynthia said...

Thanks, Moo! I like you too! I didn't hear NooKoo say cat, when was that? (Didn't mean to compose a witty rhyme just then, it just comes so naturally.)
We had fun, but she got sick for the rest of the week. It wasn't the same as what your parents and farmboy had, so I don't blame that.
NooKoo said "dog" several more times, while out walking with my aunt. I keep missing these milestones!
NooKoo doesn't like the wind, either. You could both hole up together, like anti-wind hermits. But, I won't encourage it.

Moo said...

Nice accidental rhyme. I don't know when she said cat. I think it was sometime when I was at work, as I didn't hear it.

Manda said...

I always found it very hard to breathe in that wind. I think was was trying to force way too much air in your lungs. Which is probably why you held your breath. I remember holding my breath in that wind as well. I don't think we have the same kind of wind here in Maryland.

Beee said...

how do you fly kites?

S said...

Nice Blog Megan. I feel like I just spied on the past six months of your life. But it was good to see what you are up to, and to see recent pictures, even though they were from Thanksgiving. Where's you in a bridesmaid dress???