Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Bold Cold

It's been pretty cold down here in the nether regions of Utah, but still not much snow. It's funny how it doesn't seem like Christmas unless there is snow on the ground. I'm just having a hard time feeling it this year for some reason. Maybe it is because I can't seem to get a Christmas Tree put up at my house. I attempted to put up my parents' castoff, but was reminded it was a castoff for a reason. I'm not really a fan of puzzles, particularly those involving a lot of wire, and so the tree went back in the bag. I then thought I could buy an artificial one and they were all pathetic, at least the ones that were affordable. I also thought for a moment that I could get a real one and have FarmerBoy help me pick one up. There were three left in the town and truthfully, they make me very scratchy, so decorating it would be a problem. How did I overcome this trial, you ask. I haven't. I placed the angel on top of the mantel and left the ornaments in their see-through cannister.

I'm also having a hard time finding a nativity that speaks to me. I found one I liked, but no shepherd. How, I ask, can there be no shepherd? This is just not right. A nativity should include the following figurines.

1. Mary & Baby Jesus
2. Joseph
3. 3 Wise Men
5. Various and sundry animals, but probably not a prairie dog, a whale, or a bonobo.
6. Possibly an angel

I'm picky. As a general rule, I like traditional nativities. I like a half-way decent paint job and not that stylistic mumbo-jumbo, and a shepherd is a must. Christmas is about tradition, right after the birth of Christ and before Santa Clause, who as far as I'm concerned is a scary, old man who gives little children complexes into their adulthood.

Other goings on in my life--I have my Christmas cards addressed, but no amusing Christmas letter written. Apparently, people like my Christmas letters for some reason. I cannot guarantee the quality this year as Loo (whew, I had to edit the post, as I put her real name on the blog, as if all of you reading it didn't know her anyway) and I will have separate Christmas letters. Blame her, not me. She's the one that got married and didn't want to become the cat-lady and favorite aunt. I'm not sure if she's aware of the fact that once you get married, not only are you out of the single-people travel club, but you are also out of the running for the favorite aunt. It is just a fact of life that the "fun aunt" is always single, so that they can go and visit the nieces and nephews and spoil them. Once you are married, you no longer have the means to spoil them.

Well, I hope that you are having a more successful time decorating for Christmas than I am.

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BEEE said...

I thought I would comment here. Yes, when the feeling strikes I will say something. First off, I agree with the shepherd being in a nativity. I really don't expect wise men, seeing as they did show up a little while later. I like the tradition in some countries of not adding the wise men until the 12th day of Christmas (Jan 6). And if you are really following my ramblings. . . the 12 days of Christmas begin with Christmas being the 1ST DAY, not that counting down mumbo-jumbo. It is counting to the day people celebrate as All-Kings day or what ever it is called elsewhere. There is a cool store up here in Logan that has various creches of all different price ranges. One of the ones I like best is this expensive town (pretty sure it is a famous line), where you can add whatever you want, like the local laundry lady, the lady spinning wool, the inn keeper, well you get the idea. I think this is a very French idea of a creche.
Moving on. . . You were scarred by Santa weren't you? Was it you or one of your younger siblings that was scarred more as a child? I can't really recall.
Sad to say about the favorite aunt topic, but I believe she is right Loo. As my niece Kendra informed me when she was 10, "if you get married, you will no longer be cool". I did luck out and I am still one of the cooler aunts that she has, but then again, we are all married. I just happened to be the last one married. So I am still the fun aunt. So I don't know what to tell Loo. Oh, I know, have your own kids then you don't worry so much about being a fun aunt, just have to worry about being a good mom, and everyone else can vie for the "fun aunt/uncle" position.
Happy Holidays People.